Welcome to Carpe Diem Films!

     We invite you to CDF, an innovative website for independent documentary, investigative and social consciousness films.  Approximately 15 years ago, CDF was conceived by longtime grassroots community activists in Boyle Heights (BH) and East Los Angeles (ELA).  They began to organize, investigate, research and document on film issues that affect their  communities and lives'.  Before you knew it, documenting on film became part of life; just like breathing... 

     The mission of CDF is to present the voice of  the City of Los Angeles through the power of film and to expose the political corruption that has existed for many years.  Such corruption that pertains to land use, environmental justice, housing, redevelopment ("Urban Renewal"), transportation, education, ineffective community based organizations and the political "Pay to Play" syndrome that occurs in LA politics.

     CDF also presents positive documentary films on art, culture, history, activism, community based organizations and  family life in Los Angeles

     CDF is a resource for people to obtain information about LA, especially public community meetings and events information.  In case community members miss a meeting, they can visit CDF to view the entire meeting on the internet.

    CDF believes access to information and the power of film are pivotal for social change.  It is a tool, essential to inform, educate, empower, and organize people about issues that not only affect their own lives but many lives on a global scale.

    CDF is open to feedback. 



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