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Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Review Advisory Committee (RAC) Meeting

 Boyle Heights Senior Citizen Center 

     At a community meeting in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles the MTA tried to cover up the fact they exhumed bodies without a  court order and violated state and federal laws.  The MTA also claimed "There is no real evidence that any of the previously unknown remains are of Native American descent. No Native American settlements were  present in the vicinity or the LA Crematorium site. None of the remains exhumed contained Native American artifacts nor indicated Native American burial customs. There is no historical, journalistic, nor physical evidence that Native Americans were buried on site." (See MTA Fact Sheet #3)




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MTA representatives continue to defend there is "No documentation of Native American burial sites, bodies, bodily parts and ashes of other people buried at the Evergreen Cemetery Los Angeles County Crematorium."   Los Angeles Times writer Hector Becerra claims their is no information of the cemetery and concurs with the MTA.  Below is a list of LA Times articles that were discovered by an East Los Angeles historian which proves otherwise.


Read LA Times articles: 

Cemetery County Farm dated January 1897 (PDF).

Native Woman Etta Dearborn Rises dated June 22, 1899  (PDF). 

94 Burials at County in Six Months Time dated June 15, 1917 (PDF).

Burial Sought For Unclaimed Ashes dated January 5, 1932 (PDF).

Authority to Bury Indigent Ashes Sought dated February 17, 1936 (PDF).

Chinese Seek to Exhume 300 dated January 16, 1937 (PDF).

1964 Looks like 5 Acres of Cemetery Up For Auction dated 11/01/1964 (PDF).




Read LA Weekly article: Human Tracks dated Sept. 30, 2005 by CHRISTINE PELISEK




View NBC 4 News video at the feed room.




Listen to interview on KPFK's Uprising Radio dated 11/21/2005.  Once clip is fully loaded, advance time to  the 40 minute mark.





SECTION 8000-8005
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SECTION 7003: "Cemetery" means either of the following:
(a) Any of the following that is used or intended to be used and 
dedicated for cemetery purposes:
(1) A burial park, for earth interments.
(2) A mausoleum for crypt or vault interments.
(3) A crematory and columbarium, for cinerary interments.
(b) A place where six or more human bodies are buried.


File a Complaint with the Los Angeles County District Attorney & California State Attorney General Offices.  Click Here



(This is a partial list of laws the MTA has violated.)


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