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Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Archaeological Excavation Fact Sheet 11/10/2005

1. The Metro construction activities on 1st and Lorena are not within the Evergreen Cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery will not be impacted by the construction whatsoever of the Metro Gold Line Extension.

2. In late June 2005,when the construction crews unearthed the first evidence of a burial, all construction stopped immediately and the construction area became an archaeological excavation sites. he remains are safely kept at the archeologist's off until plans for re-interment are final.

3. There is no real evidence that any of the previously unknown remains are of Native American descent. No Native American settlements were present in the vicinity or the LA Crematorium site. None of the remains exhumed contained Native American artifacts nor indicated Native American burial customs. There is no historical, journalistic, nor physical evidence that Native Americans were buried on site.

4. The Federal Center for Disease Control and the LA County Public Health Department assert that the recent discovery and exhumation of previously unknown remains poses no health risk.

5. Metro will follow all applicable Federal and State regulations for burial in order to respectfully re-inter the remains.

6. Metro will work with community members on the multi-cultural ceremony for re-interment an memorial.

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